The Parish of Old Brno: A Statistical Overview

ThDr. Ing. Evžen Martinec became parish priest in Old Brno in the second half of 1995. He carried out this service until 31.1. 2015. In order to understand the scope of his service we mention several data, numbers which speak absolutely clearly.

There were about 30 thousands of Czech crowns on the account of the parish of Old Brno in 1995. About 8 millions of Czech crowns were left on the account of the parish in 2015 (on 31.1.). These funds had been saved for long years exclusively to finish the necessary renovations of the basilica (especially of its mantle) which can cost about 25 millions of Czech crowns by a rough estimate. The donations were collected for this purpose only!

From 1995 to 2015 renovations of the basilica for the amount of about 50 millions of Czech crowns had been realised. And this was done without any contribution from the foreign or domestic Church.

The total amount of further necessary renovations will depend on their scope. In the above mentioned works are not included for instance the necessary repair of windows in the basilica, or of the furniture of the abbot’s sacristy or of the depository, etc.

It is possible to continue with the list, but probably it is not necessary. Each neglect or postponement of the repairs and renovations will make them just unnecessarily more expensive. The repairs and renovations already amount to the sum of several tens of millions of Czech crowns.

Every Sunday morning about 800 believers were present at the three Holy Masses according to the last ordered census.

About twenty altar boys took turns on Sundays.

Five organ players carried out a regular service during the liturgy, according to their time possibilities.

Lately, about 45 children were attending the religious education in the lecture room of the monastery.

The parish did not have any full-time employees. The whole work was done by believers, but also by non-believers for free and with pleasure, on the basis of their faith or their relation to the Virgin Mary, the Basilica, or to Old Brno.

Besides regular contributions to the diocese, various charity events took place voluntarily – “in addition” in the Basilica and in the Abbey, in co-operation with the others. About 10 millions of Czech crows were raised during these events for any people in need, without making any distinction of religion. All this was possible only on the basis of mutual trust between the parish priest, organizers and donors. It is impossible not to remember and thank all the artists as well who were performing free of charge during these events.

Since the beginning of the activity of P. Evžen Martinec until 2014, during the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the biggest pilgrimages of Brno were taking place in the basilica (the basilica has always been crowded until the very last place) where God’s mother, the Virgin Mary had been venerated. “Foreign” preachers (bishops, abbots, priests or deacons), who were known to be able to address the listeners and to have a friendly relation to the Basilica and Abbey of Old Brno, had been invited not only to pilgrimages, but also to preparatory tridua.

Finally, it is necessary to mention the fact that the Basilica had also been popular and admired for its tidiness and tasteful decoration.

We wish the new parish priest and his two new chaplains as much success as possible and this above all on the basis of God’s blessing as without it any human effort is vain.





G. J. Mendel



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