Referring to the article “The Mendel Code“

The magazine EURO Nr. 41/09 published among others the article “The Mendel Code” which contained some inaccurate information. According to the author, Martin Rychlik, this happened by accident and without intention. Therefore we consider it our duty to react, so that everybody who is interested in this subject will be fully informed.

-         In the subtitle of this article we read that the Czech Republic strives to retrieve the founding work of genetics. Further it is mentioned that the Augustinian Abbey in Brno makes an effort for the restitution of Mendel’s work in cause. This is not the case. We Brno Augustinians can only state in this matter that we hope that Mendel’s manuscript is still owned by the Viennese Vicariate where it was brought during the communist times for safe keeping.

-         The article should lead the reader even to the very Vatican. We are, nevertheless, convinced that this address is not correct. If we went on a pilgrimage in our imagination, it should be “only” to Rome.

-         At the end of the article the author asks the question whether the manuscript of the genius Mendel should be in the hands of an individual, even though it was a dignitary of the Church. According to our information the mentioned Clemens Richter from Stuttgart neither is nor was a dignitary of the Church.

We hope that this short specification will help to clear up small inaccuracies in the above mentioned article. It is not uncommon in the field of Czech media that inaccurate primary information is passed on uncritically and often leads to a devaluation of the actual content of the presented information. It would be a pity in this case.

Lukáš Evžen Martinec, OSA






G. J. Mendel



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